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Panos Kollialis

Kelyfos | 12th round

Kelyfos is the Greek word for the hard shell that cradles the kerned of the pistachio nut. Our pistachios are cultivated with respect to the environment in valleys close to the ancient city of Megara, one of the only two areas in Greece where the pistachio trees can thrive.

One year ago, the idea of exporting a single varietal and quality Megara peanut for the first time was born. The starting point was its superior nutritional quality over competition. I had to go through the process of looking for the right markets as a new small company, as well as the promotion, the type of packaging, and the strategy. Having many thoughts on these issues and zero experience, I thought VentureGarden would point me in the right direction

VentureGarden helped me set up the strategy of choosing the spaces to promote my product. Also in the research of the needs of the spaces and the target group of the product, the right "set up" of the marketing plan for the target market and finally my financial gain. Through the teaching process of the program I found the way to describe and promote my product directly to an audience.