Following the successful implementation of the GreenHouse project over the past 5 years, The Hellenic Initiative gave us the opportunity in 2019 to expand our effort to support entrepreneurship throughout Greece both geographically and in terms of the project’s overall result. From a three-day entrepreneurship workshop, GreenHouse is transforming into a five day modular activity organized in cities throughout Greece to enhance entrepreneurial action. The project is implemented by Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece and Τhe American College of Thessaloniki member of Anatolia.

We design a distinct schedule of activities for every city or area we visit, based on our experience from delivering GreenHouses in 11 cities beyond Athens and Thessaloniki and inspired by the local tradition. The specialized GreenHouse program is implemented to bring people closer to the basics of entrepreneurship and support local initiatives. It includes workshops for developing entrepreneurial ideas, training sessions and visits, informative discussions, and other activities that showcase entrepreneurship. These activities are free of charge and are mainly designed for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, university and high school students.

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Our goal is to highlight the special features of each city's economy. In this way, we encourage and help those who want to engage with entrepreneurship to do so in their place and for their place.

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