GreenHouse is a special edition of VentureGarden that supports entrepreneurs across Greece with free 3-day training workshops. The Hellenic Initiative extends the support provided to entrepreneurs with GreenHouse throughout Greece. These workshops help participants better understand entrepreneurial thinking and action! We start on Friday afternoon and until Sunday we work on your business ideas.

Having worked with more than 400 business ideas in Athens and Thessaloniki, the VentureGarden team contributes complementary knowledge and experiences. At the same time, GreenHouse also invites successful entrepreneurs to share their own experiences.

You can join us with your friends or on your own to work on your business idea. You can even join us without an idea if you are passionate about entrepreneurship. We will help you join a team, learn by doing and support others with your knowledge.

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​​​​​Our goal is to help those who have an entrepreneurial idea or want to establish their own business to learn how they can use entrepreneurial tools and reduce their risk. In this short three – day workshop we look at each idea in depth and prepare a final pitch.

The number of participants in each one of our GreenHouse events is limited, so that we can ensure the best result. Participation is offered based on a first come basis. If you decide to participate as a group, each member who wishes to participate should apply by following the link below. GreenHouse and VentureGarden welcome entrepreneurs regardless of your age, sex, origin and background.

Every year we organize three-day GreenHouses in different cities.

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