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Evangeliaa Menegaki

Titakis Wines | 1st round

WINE EXPERIENCE BOXES BY TITAKIS WINES A series of themed business gift packages that aim to travel the consumer in the world of wine through • Wine and gastronomic experiences “Impetus experience box - food & wine pairing” • Refreshing wine cocktails “Winecoktail experience” • A trip to the Cretan vineyard and the art of wine "welcome to Crete wine lovers" Inside each box, there is the corresponding guidance and information you need to experience the corresponding experience.

I applied to VentureGarden because wanted to see if it was worth the time and money to implement my idea. I also needed guidance and extra tools in the field of sales and marketing, something that would help me in general in my work since I deal with the commercial part, as well as to meet people who will inspire me.

I can say that the program exceeded my expectations. Small group of participants, informed trainers, beautiful environment, interesting people as each of us had his own unique idea. The whole process gave me the right tools to think more entrepreneurially and more strategically. The mentoring process was very helpful and more focused on my idea. My mentor had the knowledge and experience to take me one step further. It helped me find more of my own competitive advantage and work on it. He guided me on the part of the presentation of my product and on how to promote it properly. We had a great collaboration! I feel very lucky to be on the VentureGarden team!