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Rania Kroupi

Rania Kroupi Luxury Shoes | 3rd round

The memory of walking barefoot during summers in the Elafonissos dunes when I was a kid has forever defined my relationship with shoes and how a woman wants to feel when she walks on them. Despite my multinational career, my passion drove me back to school. I studied footwear design and handmade footwear at Saint Martins. Today I have my atelier at Karitsi square offering the most luxurious women's footwear in Greece.

Having significant experience in managing international luxury brands, I wanted to see things through the place of the entrepreneur and not the executives. VentureGarden had all the quality elements I was looking for as a catalyst in a "reorganization" of my way of thinking and acting in business.


As a solopreneur, it was invaluable share my commitment to entrepreneurship along with a team. VentureGarden creates an amazing collective vibration of people with a vision of fulfilling their business goals and a commitment to excellence. I recommend it to any new entrepreneur.