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Nikos Salavrakos

Stafidenios | 5th round

Our goal at Enios is to create children's snacks based on raisins, a Greek product of top quality combined with flavors such as milk chocolate, which is giving parents the opportunity to manage their children's daily consumption. At the same time, our innovative packaging offers the joy of creation, activity and surprise as they are transformed into 3D-toy papers.  

It takes a "knit" group of people, with knowledge, inventiveness and international stimuli who are eager to work methodically within the labyrinth of entrepreneurship in order for us to meet our goals. Venture Garden works like the Ariadne mitt.

The VentureGarden team collaborated perfectly with ENIOS. Their help has been truly multifaceted and valuable. It is not because they gave us the right answers, but instead, because they asked the correct questions from the beginning."