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Maria Sita

Maria Sita Photography | 8th round

Since I was a little girl, I saw things from another angle - the one of the feelings. I wanted each lifeless product to have a soul and the faces to show their emotion and passion. I studied this art and proceeded with the same view. My goal is to turn a corporate profile (photographing space, product and the portrait of the person that produces them) into something more personal than the completely cold and impersonal. Through the pictures, the client can understand the temperament and philosophy of the individual entrepreneur over what he / she is doing / producing.

Apart from the artistic field, however, I had many gaps and questions about how to manage my business properly, which is equally difficult and demanding. I needed help and guidance that I found on VentureGarden

Throughout this process of my idea, VentureGarden has been my ally with all the mentors who have helped us all! They helped me in the first place to organize my mind on the ideas I had and then to prioritize and target more specifically.