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Vee Bouganis

Foodity | 7th round

As a provider of training and counseling services aiming to reduce food waste and developing the sustainability model in Gastronomy and Tourism, the need to acquire zero waste restaurants and hotels has prompted us to create Foodity, an application of surplus food, premium hotels and restaurants at a very low cost.

 I came to VentureGarden to get the knowledge a new entrepreneur needs in order to realize her idea. I wanted the active members of my team to be trained, and benefit from the program so that we can all work with the same passion for immediate and fast results.

The program worked for me as a mean of empowerment, mobilization and awakening. The knowledge I received during the courses and the support with its completion, made me more receptive to external feedback regarding our product, flexible in our collaborations with the team members but also to focus on the strategy.