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Anna Chlioura, Pantelis Zarkos

Elektronio | 3rd round

Elektronio is a startup solution for sustainable mobility, which designs and manufactures personal mobility vehicles based on the electric bicycling. It was founded in Thessaloniki in 2015 and its motto is "rewrite your vehicle" (#reimagineyourvehicle).  It has launched its first model "Play", a three-wheeled electric bike with revolutionary geometry, which is an alternative to urban travel.

Our participation in VentureGarden came across at the start of our business. We decided to participate in this program, because, both members of the founding group did not have an academic background in business administration, it was a first-rate opportunity to strengthen our business education.


The program was a guide to our entry into the new entrepreneurial spirit.  It guided us in the various business units of our startup, opened up our horizons, brought us in touch with business people from different disciplines and management styles and thus helped us to develop our business thinking. What is most important, however, is that three years later, we are constantly assisted in our business effort and strengthened in terms of education, networking and visibility.