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Evelin Bakinta

Chic Greek Gifts | 3rd round

Chic Greek Gifts is the way to tell our story. It is a collection of cultural gifts that spread the love for Greece all over the world, by maintaining the interest of the Greek element of the new generation of the diaspora that does not necessarily speak the Greek language and attract friends of ancient Greek and modern culture, gastronomy and art. Chic Greek Gifts are an ambassador of Hellenism.

My thirst for learning as well as my search for improvement, led me to Venture Garden. I wanted to see my idea develop. I was looking for a program where people would not be afraid to share their thoughts, and knowledge. I wanted to share my optimism about the future of Greece and its products. I wanted to be part of a new world order that is constantly renewed.

I am glad to say that during the VentureGarden courses, it was confirmed to me that the genuine approach of Chic Greek Gifts fits to the foreign managers working in Greece who like these initiatives and support the Greek brands that are linked to the Greek culture. Nonetheless, the six-month mentoring kept me grounded, pushed me to redefine the distribution channels which after 2 years are bringing 80% of the CGG turnover. Venture Garden helped map my own journey.