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Dimitra Gkioka

blue in green | 13th round

The brand blue in green was founded in 2018, with the aim of designing and creating limited unique handmade products. We use special materials and design ergonomic bags with an artistic approach. We aim to create innovative products with respect for the environment, through creative collaborations, to highlight the importance of reusing natural materials in a smart way. Our vision is to offer joy to each unique and special person, who enjoys his life anywhere in the world.

The flexibility of the program, the organizers, teachers and especially the useful mentoring, worked flawlessly, providing the necessary knowledge and personalized information needed. The interaction with the VentureGarden community was also particularly interesting and important. I believe that the help offered by this program is very useful to all those who would like to start or develop their business idea.

While I took part in the 13th Athens VentureGarden round, I had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills in modern business tools. Through the program, I created the right conditions to put my brand goals in order, to strengthen my position in the market, as well as to shift towards circular and sustainable design. Utilizing these stimuli, I have already proceeded to implement new and fruitful partnerships while keeping the vision and the initial objectives in this direction.