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Merou Skouteris

The ART Workshop | 12th round

The ART workshop is a model center of Arts and Extended Reality. It is the only center that specializes in Arts and Design through Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, as well as digital media. It is addressed to individuals, art professionals and children who want to explore the unlimited possibilities of technology in creativity, expand their imagination and create unique digital works of art like never before. Our programs include VR art, product and fashion design, digital art, NFTs, fine art of Memes, fashiontech design for gaming as well as VR experiences such as touring paintings, museums and space-time travel. We identify the future opportunities and challenges of the market in digital and virtual fields through research, analysis and exploratory imagination. Our work examines the challenges and opportunities that will arise as new technology transforms society. We examine the space where real and virtual environments converge.

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