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Zeta Nikolakopoulou

Spaceprk | 9th round

Spaceprk is an online marketplace which lets people rent out their spaces for events. Owners (professionals and non-professionals) can rent their space, for an hour or a day, for film productions, fashion shows, but also parties, conferences etc. securing an extra income.Spaceprk was founded in February 2019 in Greece and has already expanded to foreign countries such as Ecuador, Chile, the United States, England, China and India, where it is growing rapidly.

VentureGarden is a comprehensive training program for young entrepreneurs. The reason I took part in the program is because it strongly supports those who are interested in building a sustainable entrepreneurial way of thinking and contributing to the development of their business idea. They have the way and the ability, through an educational process that is perfectly adapted to the entrepreneurs’ profile, needs, and business capabilities, to help you turn an idea into a business reality.

If you want to start an idea from scratch then trust VentureGarden! The program helps you build the courage and discernment you need to make it easier to organize your next steps.