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Alexandra Simits

Nexya Localisation | 8th round

Nexya specialises in the localisation (i.e. linguistic and cultural adaptation for local markets) of digital products, such as software applications, websites, video games etc. Companies who wish to sell their products and services globally, need to be competitive in each local market. In order to do that, it is necessary to properly internationalise and subsequently localise their products and services. Using state of the art technology and innovative methodologies, we offer customised localisation solutions that cut costs, shorten time to market and guarantee linguistic quality.

Although our executives have extensive experience in the translation field, they do not have business experience. As a result, we have to deal with it difficulties in developing our business plan and our long-term business strategy.

The training we received at the first stage helped us to develop our business plan. During the second stage, the mentoring was an amazing experience, on which we received valuable practical advice and helped us solve many problems and reduce our business risk.