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Penelope Tourtoura

Moov | 9th round

Like move!
Because everything that moves us, it also motivates us. For a better quality of life! Moov Exclusive Fitness Studio, is a state-of-the-art place for fitness and wellness, a dynamic boost that reminds us that we should take care of ourselves every day. In small groups and personal training programs in a beautifully designed space, we shape your body, feelings and experiences that boost your mood and self-confidence.

My idea of ​​creating a state-of-the-art place for fitness and wellness in my town became a reality. In this new beginning, I was looking for guidance in my first entrepreneurship steps. VentureGarden was the best program that helped me develop my skills and be a part of a business network in order to follow business in practice.

Acquiring this business training was very important in this new start. I became familiar with the key components of entrepreneurship. Specialized mentors helped me apply that knowledge at its best to start my own business trip. My idea became reality and I really believe in the value of VentureGarden. So, make the MOOV!