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Panos Kloutsiniotis

Ladolea Olive Oil | 1st round

The award winning LADOLEA products consist of single varietal premium olive oil in handmade ceramic packaging. They are currently being exported to more than 7 countries.

The main target during our start was to gain business knowledge and culture as our studies were of a different field. We were also very interested in networking so that we could communicate our idea and get feedback from people on the same field. Starting a business with small experience can easily get you lost, as you fell that you walk in the dark.

The program offered us knowledge on entrepreneurship. But the most important thing for us is the people we met and the relationship we developed with them. They supported us with mentoring, funding, marketing plan and sales. What else can you ask from an entrepreneurship program? We know that at any time and moment they are there for us as we do for them.