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Vasilis Apostolopoulos, Panos Vrettos, Constantinos Sigalas

BibeCoffee Ltd. | 4th round

BibeCoffee is a start-up, founded in 2018, based in the United Kingdom and Greece. Our solution turns any professional coffee machine into a smart connected terminal that collects data from each machine. The device can be installed in any professional coffee machine, no matter the vendor; model and production date and collects data on the amount of coffee consumed, malfunctions, but also to prevent machine damage.

Panos and I started the company and developed this solution as a result of our huge experience on the Internet of Things. Also, Panos, being a coffee owner in the past, had identified some of the challenges that exist in this specific market. We participated in VentureGarden to gain the knowledge we lacked in the business part in order to further develop our strategy.

Through our participation in VentureGarden, and through the interaction and mentoring by renowned professionals, we identified the needs of the market, that our solution addresses, our target audience and shaped our overall strategy. Through the exchange of ideas and best practices, we realized that for the success of any project, you do not have to think about what idea to implement but what is the dream team to do something fantastic!