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Vasilis Goudoufas

Babyprint | 6th round

We started Babyprint in 2017 to design and manufacture original souvenirs for newborn babies, engraving the footprint from their sole to particular aesthetic decorative elements.  We have enriched our range of products and other decorative and utilitarian items with a vision to design things that remind us of the most careless years and make us smile :-)

I come from the 6th cycle of VentureGarden. In the summer of 2016, I had a rather blurry picture of my next business step. I knew which area I was interested in but the project did not exist. As soon as I heard about VentureGarden, I felt confident that I had to participate and learn how to translate a general idea I had up to that moment into a particular business plan.

My participation in VentureGarden helped me understand a lot about the implementation and the development of any business idea. I met people with the same concerns, ambitions and knowledge, which helped me a lot and improve my psychology at that moment. For me, VentureGarden is a tremendous initiative since it enables anyone who really wants to receive free valuable knowledge for which many would be willing to pay roughly.