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Anastastia Oikonomou, Roula Papastergou

thinkSea | 12th round

ThinkSea was born in 2013, in front of the sea and behind a track of forgotten sails, in Paros by Stavriani Papastergou and Anastasia Economou.

Since then we reuse windsurfing, kitesurfing and water tubes and turn them into bags and utensils giving them a second life.

The desire to enhance our knowledge regarding entrepreneurship in order to support thinkSea through its next steps brought us to VentureGarden. After all, knowledge is power!

VentureGarden was a safe environment where we could exchange ways of thinking. The program gave us new tools for evaluating and developing our product. Coexisting with other young entrepreneurs was refreshing and supportive through the unique path of Greek entrepreneurship.