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Angelika Niarchou, Georgia Economopoulou

Ploos Design | 1st round

Ploos Design is a creative studio, founded in 2013 by two young and ambitious industrial designers, Angelica Niarchou & Georgia Oikonomopoulou, based in Athens, Greece. A country that is known for her cultural heritage throughout the world. A legacy that designers want to maintain and evolve through their design. What makes Ploos Design a unique creative studio is the multifaceted character, perception, and conception of ideas and freshness. The simplicity on the lines combined with the careful choice of colors resolves into unique collections of distinctive products.

We decided to participate in the first VentureGarden round since we needed to learn more regarding entrepreneurship, as well as to get the tools and way of thinking that a new businessman needs to have in order to evolve.

VentureGarden is now a community or should we better say a "family", to people with common concerns and goals, towards entrepreneurship in Greece. In this difficult road, VentureGarden is always next to us, providing with continuous visibility and promotion of VentureGardeners, as well as with continuous education for all.