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Adamidis Giorgos, Samaras Stelios, Zardavas Nikos

Nexobi | 8th round

Nexobi is an IT company dedicated to producing cloud software for catering businesses. The key feature of the product is that all data is stored in the cloud and ordering is done without the need for internet from android, iOS and windows. At the end of the shift or during, the terminals synchronize in the cloud. Managers can enter the system at any time to see the company's statistics, cut logs, and manage the warehouse, contacts, as well as the e-shop.

At VentureGarden we improved our knowledge of business concepts and how we can properly implement our MVP. Also, we learned about the importance of getting in touch with people and get advice from mentors.

VentureGarden program helped us to better organize our business and understand the target groups we had to concentrate on. Thanks to VentureGarden we got the 3rd Technological Innovation Award at the Alpha bank's Fintech Challenge.