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Panagiotis Grigorpoulos, Katerina Skouloudaki

Horologium | 14th round

Www.Horologium.gr is the evolution of the family watch repair business that is over 60 years old. Our goal is to bring the air of the new generation, aiming not only in the repair but also in the commercial sector with an emphasis on digital reality. Our philosophy is that our services offer a specialized approach with an emphasis on maintaining the value of a watch. We pay attention to watches that have value regardless of their price.

Although the physical space existed and the first e-shop had been created, it was necessary to have a proper redesign of the business in order to become modern and to evolve in the digital environment. Also, we needed to receive tips for the development of our ideas and the right business plan so that everything works like a well-tuned clock.

Through VentureGarden we found the right guidance and the necessary information that met our needs. Additionally, we learned from the mentoring process where to get answers to the questions that arise.