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Alkis Vakalis

TutorialGate | 2nd round

Tutorial Gate is a leading online tutorial addressed to students and students of secondary and tertiary education from all over Greece and abroad. At the same time, it is addressed to adults who want to learn a foreign language. It provides personalized enhancing e-learning through the combination of specially tailored educational software embedded in a single on-line electronic system.
The idea of ​​Tutorial Gate was born in 2014 and its implementation started in 2015. I am very pleased that students from all over Greece and abroad have been able to reach their educational goals with a high success rate.
 At the same time, we have been distinguished in domestic and international innovation competitions, including:
1. Seed funding - Angelopoulos Fellowship
2. The Clinton Global Initiative Scholarship
3. Venture Garden Scholarship
4. Seed funding - Hellenic Initiative
5. Software Licenses / Support / Mentoring - Microsoft Bizspark
6. International GeoGebra Institution Membership

First of all, participating in a program that combines the provision of theoretical and practical knowledge of new entrepreneurial issues. In addition, guidance with personalized advice and guidance and the networking provided by Venture Garden contribute substantially and in the long term to the entry and consolidation of such innovative businesses on the market.

The program was for me a unique experience, a school with the full meaning of the word. The most important lesson was the change of visualization at specific stages of implementation of TutorialGate. Meanwhile my acquaintance with distinguished members of the Greek business ecosystem and the interaction with other innovative and active young entrepreneurs gave me a sense of common course and teamwork. The crucial support of the program in the 2nd seed financing by the Hellenic Initiative is worth mentioning.