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Stelios Alexakis

Mama Pelagia | 15 round

G Alexakis and Co has its origins in agricultural production and the primary sector. In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, we decided to go one step further. We created collaborations with small producers that operate within the framework defined by tradition in the quality of Cretan products and respect for nature, and we have composed a rich range of Cretan traditional products: Extra virgin olive oil and oil products under the name Patima. Traditional Tsikoudia-Raki in various versions like typical, aged with honey and cinnamon under the name Alexas. Thyme honey with its incomparable texture and taste from the endemic plants of Crete. Balsamic vinegar highlighting the local flavors. Organic wines from indigenous varieties highlighting their flawless character through delicious creations. Carob products and wild herbs with sea salt composing a nutritional treasure of unparalleled value.

At Venture garden I learned a lot, but mostly I identified several of the weaknesses I have and I should acknowledge for the smooth continuation of my business endeavor.
I also realized what is important for my business presence and deserves to stand out in a crucial way.

Cretan Homemade Products