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Irene Makiou

Ειρήνη Μάκιου | 12th round

Makiou Make-Up studio in Thessaloniki specializes in professional make-up services as well as in any kind of make-up, for any occasion. Irini Makiou has made beauty a profession through makeup art, with absolute devotion to it. The scholarships she won led her to seminars abroad, in France and Italy, until she found herself on public TV as a television make-up artist. Makiou Make Up studio came as a result of a continuous development that includes a lot of work, study, perseverance but also a deep understanding of things in each collaboration. At the same time, however, it was a gamble during the period of deep crisis, so make up services seemed like a luxury. Today, Makiou Make Up studio is the natural space of a company that specializes in professional makeup services (TV, theater, fashion, wedding dress, etc.) but also in any kind of makeup, for any occasion, while at the same time undertaking major projects through collaborations with channels, magazines and production companies. Set up like a luxurious dressing room with mirrors, photos and plenty of light, the space wins you over thanks to the design and the energy of Peace that is behind every detail, to remind you that beauty is first inside you.

VentureGarden proves to us that there is always room to learn useful things and to improve ourselves.

Irene Makiou: The makeup artist who gave makeup services the prestige they deserve