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Ioannis Charavgis, Filippos Charavgis, Athanasios Drakoulis

Home Inspection | Fall 2019 round

Home Inspection is a service package involving technical examination and evaluation of a real estate property and all of its systems, through the use of specialized cutting edge equipment. The checks carried out for our service are always adjusted for the needs of each individual client. Our Home Inspection services are carried out exclusively by experienced, specialized and certified personnel, and we hope to have it become common practice before any transaction. Οur company is the first to introduce this innovative service to the Greek real estate market, and it offers significant benefits and added value to everyone involved in a real estate transaction or rental.

The knowledge imparted to us through attending VentureGarden will help us make the Home Inspection service known to a wider audience and promote the benefits of our services in more productive ways.


Knowing Before Buying Your Future House