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Souzana Theodoridou

GRek.Addict | 7th round

Grekaddict.com is an innovative platform that aims to provide high quality and comprehensive travel experience. In particular, it helps tourists who visit Greece to easily and quickly book online tourism activities. It also enhances the increase of the income of small and medium-sized tourism entrepreneurs by linking them with new channels of sales. Moreover Grekaddict.com help hotels and companies that manage tourist accommodation upgrade their websites, free of charge, helping them to offer a complete hosting experience to their customers.

Venture Garden was initially for me an one-way-path. At that time it was the only training program with unique structure and a serious presence doing remarkable job in supporting young entrepreneurship. I was aware of the fact that I needed a channel that could help me to network with the entrepreneurial ecosystem which until then seemed inaccessible to me. I needed inspiration, guidance, knowledge and networking.

In VentureGarden I met all of the above! It is definitely one of the main reasons why my idea has now developed into a fast-growing business.