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VentureGarden is a comprehensive program which supports new business ventures. It is aiming at people with vision and dedication, who aspire to join the business ecosystem by creating their own business or evolving an existing one. Through the program, participants have the opportunity to receive hands-on training, develop their skills, and participate in a dynamic and ever-growing business network.

With our motto "Helping People Grow Ideas" we accept applications regardless of age, gender, origin and background, as we focus more on the person than the idea. Participation in the program is free.

VentureGarden starts with a targeted training course, which brings participants in touch with the key components of business action.

After the completion of the intensive course, participants apply what they were taught with the help of specialized mentors. The participants work practically with specific goals on the implementation of their plan.

VentureGarden was inaugurated in February 2014. Since then, two cycles take place every year, every spring and autumn.

For Northern Greece it is implemented by the Entrepreneurship Hub of the American College of Thessaloniki, a member of the Anatolia.

VentureGarden is open to all business activities, it is not a program that specializes in certain industries. With emphasis it supports all fields of modern business that are often found in Northern Greece such as tourism, catering, manufacturing, internet & new technologies, agro-food, and trade.



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    George is the Director of the Entrepreneurship Hub at the American College of Thessaloniki. He is specialized in business development issues, having more than 25 years of professional working experience as a business consultant in the fields of SMEs / Start-ups / Entrepreneurship Development / Regional Development, in Greece and South-East Europe. He has been working as a freelance business consultant as well as been occupied in high management positions by several consulting companies and business development organizations. George has studied electrical Engineering in Democritus University of Thrace, and holds an MSc Degree in Telecommunication Systems from University College London.

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